Film School

filmAs writers, it’s critical that we’re constantly reading, watching, and observing the world around us. The people, the colors, the words, the news, emotions, sounds, and all of the little details that make up our existence. These details, and taking the time to understand our surroundings and what makes us tick, can transform our words into stories that connect and resonate for a lifetime.

So, we decided to take a fun approach to writing development by reviewing films and TV shows to understand character, dialogue, setting, pacing, and story structure. Each month, we’ll assign a couple of movies to watch, and we’ll also maintain a running list of old and new TV shows. We’ll pose questions and thoughts on our blog and Facebook page, and meet up on Twitter to continue the discussion. We encourage you to tweet and  post your comments because we want this to be as fun and interactive as possible.

To make things easy, we’re selecting films and TV shows that are available through Netflix’s and Redbox’s  instant streaming services, and Hulu. If you decide to join our little project, this will be the best homework you’ve ever had (and much cheaper than film school). We also welcome your suggestions for movies and TV shows to feature as part of film school.


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